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STA 108B作业代做、代写data留学生作业、代写Python编程作业、Java/c++程…

STA 108B Spring Quarter 2019Term ProjectDue: June 5, 2019 in class, no exceptionsThe data set bone density.xlsx contains data on bone density for 82 women. Thesewomen are part of twin studies and there are 41 twin pairs in this data set. The pairs areidentifiable by the case id. A pair of twins have the same id. Below is a list of variablesin the data set:IDAge Age (yrs)zyg 1=monozygous (1 fertilized egg) 2=dizygous (2 fertilized eggs)height Height (cm)weight Weight (kg)tea Tea (cups/week)coffee Coffee (cups/week)alcohol Alcohol (drinks/week)smoke Current Smoking (cigarretes/day)menopause Menopause Status (1=pre/2=post/3=unknown hysterectomy)packyrs Pack-years smokinglumbar Lumbar spine (g/cm**2)fneck Femoral neck (g/cm**2)fshaft Femoral shaft (g/cm**2)The variables lumbar (lumbar spine), fneck (femoral neck) and fshaft (femoral shaft)contain measurements of bone density in those locations. We want to investigate whichif any of the variables are linearly related to bone density as measured by either thelumbar spine, femoral neck or shaft. To make an assessment you will need to fitregression models to all three outcomes, use appropriate measures to identify whichvariables are predictive of bone density, assess model assumptions and suggesttransformations if indicated.We are also interested in the association in bone density between twins. To answer thatquestion you might designate bone density of one twin as the response (Y) variable andbone density of the other twin as the predictor (X) variables. Is this association differentin monozygous vs dizygous twins.Your results should be summarized in the form of a written report of no more than 5pages plus appendix. The report should be prepared in the form of a journal article witha summary, introduction, methods section, results and conclusion. If you are unfamiliarwith journal articles, you should obtain one from a medical or biological journal. Anyreport should also contain a presentation of descriptive statistics of all variables used inthe project.You are allowed to collaborate with one other student in class but you may also workalone.本团队核心人员组成主要包括BAT一线工程师,精通德英语!我们主要业务范围是代做编程大作业、课程设计等等。我们的方向领域:window编程 数值算法 AI人工智能 金融统计 计量分析 大数据 网络编程 WEB编程 通讯编程 游戏编程多媒体linux 外挂编程 程序API图像处理 嵌入式/单片机 数据库编程 控制台 进程与线程 网络安全 汇编语言 硬件编程 软件设计 工程标准规等。其中代写编程、代写程序、代写留学生程序作业语言或工具包括但不限于以下范围:C/C++/C#代写Java代写IT代写Python代写辅导编程作业Matlab代写Haskell代写Processing代写Linux环境搭建Rust代写Data Structure Assginment 数据结构代写MIPS代写Machine Learning 作业 代写Oracle/SQL/PostgreSQL/Pig 数据库代写/代做/辅导Web开发、网站开发、网站作业ASP.NET网站开发Finance Insurace Statistics统计、回归、迭代Prolog代写Computer Computational method代做因为专业,所以值得信赖。如有需要,请加QQ:99515681 或邮箱 微信:codehelp QQ:99515681 或邮箱 微信:codehelp



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