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The Final Project Requirements of Internet Applications2019.05Project Title: FTP ClientGoal of the project Deeply understand FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Complete a FTP client program based on Linux command line terminal.Basic Requirements of the project1. The well-known port number (TCP Port 21) of FTP server is used and there is no need toinput it. The ftp server can be identified by IP address, such as:./ftpcli FTP client connects FTP server using TCP protocol. It can receive the FTP repliescoming from server and translate it into natural language, and change the user’scommands into FTP command before sending.3. Support user’s authentication by username & password, with hidden password function.4. Support user’s interactive operation and provide the following commands:list (ls), directory operation (pwd, cd, mkdir), upload a file (put), download a file (get) ,delete a file (delete), renaming a file (rename), transfer mode (ascii, binary), and exit(quit);Note: for data connection, it is required to implement passive mode.l Using nc command to understand FTP control commands and replies in both passivemode and active mode. (See PPT)l Using wireshark to understand FTP control commands and replies (in passive mode)for those user commands. (See PPT)5. Be able to handle errors: invalid commands, missing parameters, requested file alreadyexisted.6. Detailed designing document and user manual.7. Detailed annotation of code and nice programming style.8. Stable and friendly to users.9. Two persons as a group.Extension requirements1. Active mode for data connection;l Using nc to understand FTP active mode. (See PPT)2. Resuming transmission from break-point;3. Limiting transmission data rate;Environment of the project1. C language2. Linux operation system3. gcc compiler and gdb debug toolSteps of the project1. Connect to ftp server using ftp command in Ubuntu OS and use Wireshark to analyze theFTP commands and replies interaction of FTP protocol.2. Using nc command in Ubuntu OS, access the FTP server through port 21 and implementabove working flow by manual operations.l In this procedure, you should use the FTP control commands.l You can connect ftp.mayan.cn.l Passive/active mode can be understood clearly.3. Abstract main modules according to above operations, design the solution, and divide thework into concrete functions.4. Implement basic TCP socket programming architecture.5. Parse/encapsulate FTP commands, and provide commands for users.本团队核心人员组成主要包括BAT一线工程师,精通德英语!我们主要业务范围是代做编程大作业、课程设计等等。我们的方向领域:window编程 数值算法 AI人工智能 金融统计 计量分析 大数据 网络编程 WEB编程 通讯编程 游戏编程多媒体linux 外挂编程 程序API图像处理 嵌入式/单片机 数据库编程 控制台 进程与线程 网络安全 汇编语言 硬件编程 软件设计 工程标准规等。其中代写编程、代写程序、代写留学生程序作业语言或工具包括但不限于以下范围:C/C++/C#代写Java代写IT代写Python代写辅导编程作业Matlab代写Haskell代写Processing代写Linux环境搭建Rust代写Data Structure Assginment 数据结构代写MIPS代写Machine Learning 作业 代写Oracle/SQL/PostgreSQL/Pig 数据库代写/代做/辅导Web开发、网站开发、网站作业ASP.NET网站开发Finance Insurace Statistics统计、回归、迭代Prolog代写Computer Computational method代做因为专业,所以值得信赖。如有需要,请加QQ:99515681 或邮箱:99515681@qq.com 微信:codehelp QQ:99515681 或邮箱:99515681@qq.com 微信:codehelp



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