Zen Life Experience in Xiangyuan

This is a Saturday in autumn, and a special day in Xiangyuan. There is a event themed on ginko, the image of its leaves. 


About 11 o’clock in the morning, all volunteers are preparing for the event. They are gathered to be informed and they begin working, bringing back and forth instruments, decorations and arranging all the sites. There are 18 activities at different places in Wenshu Monastery and Xiangyun. They are handcrafts, music, flower arrangement, ceremics, bookmark making, vegetarian food, paintings onginko leaves and most importantly, tea ceremony. 

I arrive at Xiangyuan at 12. Taking my bowl, I queue for 5-yuan vegetarian food. It is a long queue, so the food is not enough for me (haha,:)) After simple food, I begin my viewing. I watch and appreciate one by one because everybody should vote 3 of them. First Xiangyuan, then Wenshu Monastery. It does not take me long to finish them all. 

In the meantime, I met two French women with exotic scarfs. They just came from Nepal yesterday and I notice that they have a few ear rings and a ring on nose, and one on a woman’s tougue(:D) I show them how to order tea and vegetarian food. They have some time enjoying tea. 

Among these activities, I choose one which is easy and perfect to make my friend a present– bookmark. I get a package at 18 yuan and sit down to begin my designation. These two Frence are invited by me to make bookmarks. And they have their souvenirs!

When they finish it, I never forget to tell them to vote for handcrfts.(haha) Another two foreigners followed them and interested by what we are doing. “Sit down please.” I propose. The two women are beautiful like princesses. They came from Denmark and I was astounished that they say they are travelling in the world and are showed on TV. Finish all, they invite me to write the name of the event and the date, location and my name on it. After it, they hurry to see pandas.

At 4pm, all the votes are ended. All the activities are enjoyed by flocks of visitors.



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